Election Districts and Leaders

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District Number District Leaders Polling Location
1 Mehdi Jamei
Jennifer Klein
Douglas G Griffin School
2 Michael Weinberg
Michael Wolfensohn
Millwood Fire Company No. 2
3 Steven P. Goldenberg
Elise K. Mottel
New Castle Town Hall
4 Gail Markels
Jonathan B. Rosenbloom
Roaring Brook School
5 Jeffrey Kuduk
Joseph Stasko
New Castle Town Hall
6 Lori G. Morton
Cheryl Dorfman
Douglas G Griffin School
7 Lawrence Bahr
Tracy Stein
Mt. Kisco Presbyterian Church
8 Jason Alex Kaplan
Julie H. Doyle
Horace Greeley High School
9 Iris Lachaud
Kristin Lore
Mt. Kisco Presbyterian Church
10 Marie Short
Eric Marmon
Westorchard School
11 Randee Glazer
Jane Silverman
Westorchard School
12 Dawn Greenberg
Beth Sauerhaft
Roaring Brook School
13 Hyman Lubin
Louise W. Lubin
Horace Greeley High SChool
14 Sue M. Meany
Kent E. Thomas
Westorchard School
15 Craig E. Penn
Victoria E. Alzapiedi
Mt. Kisco Presbyterian Church
16 Jan L. Wells
Kristen P. Browde
Roarding Brook School


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New Castle Election Districs

What does a District Leader do?

New Castle is broken into Election Districts (ED) where as many as 1,000 voters may reside. Registered voters of each ED vote at a specific polling place each primary and election day. Each ED generally has two registered party members known as District Leaders (DL) that serve a two-year term.

DLs get petition signatures every year for Democtratic candidates to enable them to appear on the ballot. NCDC District Leaders endorse Democratic candidates at local, county, state and national levels and assist in their campaigns.



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